Friday, January 13, 2012

Purex UltraPack Review

I'm a Purex Insider, which is really such a great program to be a part of since I was a loyal Purex user long before I even knew they worked with blogs! I love that I get results at such a cheap price, and the way my family of 5 goes through laundry I know that using Purex has saved us a LOT over the years.

I was sent a "Tool Kit" that had a this new product in it and I was really excited to get to use it (I get way too into clean laundry!). I loved that I could just throw an UltraPack in the washing machine with my clothes and let it do the work. I didn't have to guess how much to use and didn't have to deal with the mess that sometimes comes with using a liquid or powder. You can use them in HE washers as well, and I was happy to see this since my Mother's Day present was a new washer/dryer set (told you I get into my laundry!).

The UltraPacks will dissolve even in cold water, so you can use less energy and still have clean laundry (saving even more money). I really liked using them at home, but I could only imagine how handy they would have been during the years we had to hit the laundromat. If you have a shared laundry area or don't do your laundry at home I think these UltraPacks would be perfect.

Purex will be hosting a sampling event next month, so you won't have to just take my word for it! You'll get to try it out yourself. I'll make sure to post when it goes live so that you don't miss out!

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