Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Frugal Finds- Freebies!

Ever wonder if it is worth it to sign up for the different freebies found online?


I think it is.

It may take awhile to start getting stuff in the mail, but if you keep signing up after awhile you'll get weekly treats in the mailbox. This is not all from one day, but was over the past couple weeks. The little lotions and hair care samples are perfect for traveling (or to keep in your travel box if you have one). I plan to use them in my hospital bag for when I deliver, so I don't need to go and buy small bottles, but still have the convenience of something travel-sized.

Another tip with the free samples is that many times you will get a higher value coupon with them. I signed up for one freebie and got a free pizza. For one of the pampers samples I got a $3.00 off coupon for any Pampers diapers.


Then when stopping by Kroger for a quick trip I saw that they had pampers marked down to $6.00 a package (regular price $9.77). Since I carry my coupons with me everywhere, I was able to pull out the $3.00 off coupon and make a pretty good deal into a really awesome one. I won't need size 5 diapers (the only ones marked down) for a while, but when I do need them I'll have them and for a cheap price.

So my tips for today are to sign up for samples whenever you see them (they can come in handy for travel, gift baskets, and come with coupons), bring your coupons with you wherever you go so that when you spot deals you are always prepared, and combine sales/clearanced prices with coupons whenever you can to make the savings even better.

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