Friday, July 9, 2010

Busy busy busy!

It is amazing how busy one can be with a frugal summer! I feel like I get more time with the kids and we do a lot more when I try to find the best deals. Rather than do one big vacation, we get to do a lot of daily activities. It is almost like a treasure hunt, I look around the area to see what would be fun for the kids and what free activities are going on.

This week has been spent doing VBS at my local church which has been a lot of fun for both kids. They get crafts, snacks, interaction with other kids and lessons all in 3 hours and during the 90* weather we have had it is nice to have some fun indoor activities. We have also spent this summer at the Library between story hours and special programs. They were able to watch a magician this week and it filled them with questions about how he could do the things he did and was another indoor activity they could have fun with during this heat. We also had a treat and went out to eat at McDonalds (something they rarely get) because due to the reading program at the library it was free! We have a handfull of other coupons to use for free food around the city, so we will be able to have other treats at little to no expense.

I am working on more posts but will have to have them up when I have more time :)

How are your frugal summers going? Are you seeing free movies or spending time at the library? What have you found in your area?

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