Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wisdom Wednesday: the Saga continues

I've posted about the struggle we've had with my daughter before. We kind of have an update to that- in that this update is just that further testing proves what I have been saying for year.

Problem: the solutions are all the same. They may be rephrased, put on a special hand out, or in a "top ten list" but they are still the same. And they haven't worked yet. I'm not saying they aren't worthwhile, we still do so many things to help build comprehension, but she still struggles.

So I may need to set up another case conference and see what her options are.

Right now, if someone were to ask what my goal is for her, I'd not try to make it sound educated. I just want the work that she puts into her education have a more significant pay off. She works harder than many children I know, yet she continues to struggle.

I'm blessed with a daughter who WANTS to learn. She wants good grades, she wants to be a teacher, she loves school. She's a better person than me. She faces a struggle every day, she takes bad grades in stride, and she keeps on keeping on. I shut down when things get hard. I get upset when the work I do has little to no result. I give up or give in.

She doesn't. She continues the fight and I am thankful that I can learn from her.

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