Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wisdom Wednesday: Sight Word Practice

One thing that we have been working on lately has been sight words. These words are ones that are high frequency and children are taught to memorize them by sight, since most of the time they do not follow phonetic rules. You can find a list of the Dolch Sight Words here.

Here are two ways to help practice them.

Make a Word Wall. Usually teachers will send home flashcards to use, but if not you can use index cards. Write each word, and as they are able to read them, add them to the wall and keep practicing the others. Then, read the words on the wall. As they watch the number of words they know grow, it may encourage them to learn even more.

I did this a lot while working on my own homework. Copy a page in a text book, grab an old magazine or newspaper, and give the kid a highlighter. Tell them to find every "the" or other word on the page. Identifying the word is good practice, because they will have to do that while reading. 

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