Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Troop Tuesday: Tie-Dye T-Shirts

Our troop is huge. It has 10 times the girls some of the other troops in the area has. This is great, in my opinion, because so many girls are able to build long-lasting friendships.

This gets a little difficult when we have trips as a troop. 50 girls are a lot to keep track pf, even with parent help. So one solution was to make a "uniform" for our troop. We decided to Tie-Dye shirts.

Some tips if you plan to do this with a large troop:

  • Plastic. on the floor, on the kids, on YOUR hands.
  • Gloves are not labelled by pairs. So 50ct will be enough for 25 girls.
  • Soak the shirts. A bucket of dye may be more successful and economical. Some shirts ended up more colorful than others.
  • Use gallon baggies labeled with names to store until able to wash.
  • Write names on the collar with permanent markers to identify them later.
Ours were screen-printed with a cute logo after. I love how they turned out!

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