Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wisdom Wednesday: Keyboarding

One thing that schools are adjusting to as the digital age comes on full force is the use of computers during testing. Most multiple choice tests use a computer (gone are the days of filling in the bubble on the sheet and matching it to the right problem), but now even the written parts of assessments are starting to be done on the computer.

There are perks to this, one major one being the ability to read what the child writes! There are also a lot of problems. Many children haven't learned how to type, so when they are faced with a keyboard most of their sentences are typed using the "hunt and peck" method. This can be distracting and costs the students time that could be spent planning their essays. 

Since I know this is something my kids will encounter in the near future- we have started to work in typing skills with our computer time. 

Here are some of the games that they play:

We also have started having them type out letters and emails to practice. 

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