Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday #9

This week (especially today) I'm thankful for childcare. I am really lucky that usually my sister-in-law can watch my kids for me. The older ones before and after school and the toddler all day.

Nothing makes me appreciate this more than when she's sick or unable to. The mad scramble to find someone to care for not one kid- but 3 at varying times can be difficult. I have a great network of friends and family to turn to, but it's a real effort to it all arranged.

That happened this week and I was able to work things out, but it left me feeling grateful that this isn't the norm for me. I also like that I know that the youngest is getting one on one attention (though there are days I wish it could be from me), and that my kids are able to spend time with their cousin and aunt.

Today, my kids are in various other places while she is getting better. I hope for her sake (and mine ;) ) that she feels better soon!

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