Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Troop Tuesday: Fun with Paint

Painting with 30+ Girl  Scouts may not seem like the best idea, but we're not afraid to gt a bit messy. Plus- it's all washable!

We worked on our painting patch by using different methods to paint.

1. The girls painted a mural (pictured). They were able to add a bit of their own flair to a group project.
2. We also had the girls partner up and face paint. We limited it to just a cheek painting, but it was cute to see little hearts and peace signs :)
3. Using the same partner they girls painted their portrait- using finger paints (pictured)! It was cute to see what details they included.
4. They were also able to paint a plaster sculpture. They turned out really cute.
5. The final project was a poster. We painted their hands and put them in a circle.

The final poster was this:

They were a hit at Cookie Booth this weekend :) 

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