Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday #8

Even though I am complaining a lot about the state my house is in (not Indiana- though the cold will make me reconsider that! I meant how chaotic it is!), I am so thankful for all the progress we have made!

We bought this house 2 years ago as a fixer upper, but not so much that we needed to do so to live in it. It was pretty much all cosmetic (or so we thought) and in the past 2 years have replaced the roof, wiring, fuse box (to a breaker box), appliances, and now our kitchen is going through an overhaul.

I am so thankful for this house, however messy and chaotic it is, because for so long I didn't know we would be able to buy a home. Then when we were looking into buying a house it was hard to find one that met our needs but still fit our budget.

We garden, so we wanted a yard. We also have 3 kids (who will turn into 3 teens) and want a house they can grow into. All the homes we saw either had a big enough house or a big enough yard- not both. Until this one came along.

So though I feel on edge and wish would could just be DONE with all the difficult parts, I'm using this as a reminder that this home is wonderful and that I am so thankful to have it.

I'll be even more thankful in a few weeks when I have my kitchen back...

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