Friday, February 22, 2013

Fashion Friday: Finding Jeans

I'm struggling with finding the perfect jeans. I'm blessed with a high, narrow waist, wide hips, flat butt, and short body. This means that jeans that fit my hips are usually too big in the waist, low rise jeans create a muffin top (yay 3 pregnancies + a cesection!), and when jeans fit well- they are usually "mom" jeans.

A friend pointed me to this blog, and I've found that I'm not so much a pear (no booty) as a Skittle. It says I need to look for:

  • Fun pockets
  • Generous thighs
  • Stretch fabric
  • A somewhat higher rise
  • A bootcut or straight leg

So armed with that information I hope to go jeans shopping soon! What body type are you? Any fellow Skittles with tried and true brands/cuts?

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