Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wisdom Wednesday: Tens and Ones Activities + Free Printables!

A friend is going through the Student Teaching process right now, and it's reminding me exactly what I was going through a year ago! I've looked back on some of the stuff I did and am a little sad I won't be able to use some of the activities in my current job.

So I wanted to share them here! I have five activities (including 3 printables) that can be performed at home or in classrooms as part of a math center. These were used in a first grade classroom.

The first is a Tens and Ones activity using base blocks. The children match the number of tens blocks and ones blocks to the number and write the number of tens and ones. The other part is to identify the tens blocks given and determine the number.

If you draw dots on a paper and laminate them, children can practice circling the groups of ten, and determining the number of dots by counting the groups of tens and remaining ones.

The second printable is a Tens and Ones activity with confetti (or other small papers/stickers). They will glue the number of tens and ones in each box (so for the number 54, they would put 5 pieces in the tens box and 4 pieces in the ones).

You can also use Q-Tips to teach how to groups tens (as well as the concept that 10 items is 1 GROUP of tens.

The final activity is a Tens and ones activity with dice. They will roll a pair of dice and use one number as the tens and the other as the ones. This worked best when we used a red one for the tens and a white one for the ones, to help reinforce the distinction.

I hope these help you either at home or at school!

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