Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Troop Tuesday: Friendship Soup

One of our patches involved cooking, but since it was close to Thanksgiving I wanted to give it a little twist. We did a canned food drive to help with our project and to do a little more for our community.

We made Friendship Soup. To make Friendship Soup, you don't need a lot. Each person brings a little something to add to the soup, and by the time everything is in the pot it turns into a wonderful meal. We added a few of the cans of food to the pot and made a delicious veggie soup, but also ended up donating over 60 cans to the county food pantry.

To make Friendship Soup get a big pot (or in our case, a crock pot).

Add in a bunch of friends, cans of veggies (adding at least one can of broth), a little heat, and serve.

Just like this soup, in life we can accomplish big things if we all do a little to help :)

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