Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year- New Blog

Well, kinda.

I've already made some changes to the appearance of Frugal Teacher Mama (so if you haven't looked around lately- you should! :) ). I'm also linking to more social outlets (you can use the red buttons on the side of the page to follow me in various places!).

This goes along with my "be a better blogger" goal for this year. I love blogging, I love connecting to people, and I love that I have this space to do so. Only, it feels like I've been using this space for reviews only and that's not why I started this blog. I still plan to do reviews and giveaways (and am excited for more opportunities this year!), but I want to add more to this blog.

I felt like the best way for me to keep to a posting schedule as well as hit the different aspects that make up this blog would be to follow a weekly schedule:

Menu Monday: Find out what is on our Menu for the week, a new (or old) favorite recipe, or what went into the freezer for later.

Troop Tuesday: I am a Girl Scout leader and I love what they scouts do for girls and their involvement in their communities. You will learn more about Girl Scouts or see a fun activity we did as a troop.

Wisdom Wednesday: This is where I can share a lesson plan, an educational resource, a book, or anything else that fits my "teacher" hat.

Thankful Thursday: This is pretty self-explanatory but I want to be sure to think of something to be thankful for each week.

Fashion Friday: I love clothes (though my tastes tend to be more fashionable than my budget), so I want to share my favorite outfits, different ways to wear the same article of clothing, or share about cosmetics.

Save it Saturday: Frugal is the first word in this blog, so I want to be sure to focus on ways to save (and that will help with my yearly goals!).

Fun Sunday: This will be a fun post. This can be a movie I saw, song I liked, activity we did, craft the kids, did, or more. This is a more relaxed day where anything goes :)

I'm so excited to get started, so expect the first Troop Tuesday post today! :D

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