Friday, January 25, 2013

Jewelry Organization: Pinterest Win!

I'm so proud of how this turned out! I've been using a Jewelry chest but it wasn't working for my longer necklaces. It was also easily accessible by the 2 year old and I'm missing some jewelry :(

SO I worked on three projects. This was really an easy job for me (I enlisted the Husband for the tough stuff!),

The necklace holder is a towel bar and S shaped shower curtain rings. We had the towel bar because we were going to use it in the bathroom, but it didn't really fit where we had planned and we lost the packaging so it was just sitting on the porch. I loved finding a new purpose for it!

Next I bought a $5 frame at Walmart. I cut the back off and removed the glass. Then I had the Husband cut chicken wire and use a staple gun to put it on the back. It wasn't hard to do, but probably is best as a two person job, since I held it tight while he stapled.

Finally I wanted something to put the jewelry that I couldn't hang up. I found a tool organizer that he used to use on a peg board, but hadn't since we moved. I washed it up and it works perfectly. My bracelets, pins, and stud earrings (on a cardboard thing that you buy them on) worked perfectly. I love that my rings fit on the parts that would have gone into the peg board.

So in the end (if you ignore the awful paint color, revamping a home takes time...) it looks really good (and is functional!) I love it!

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