Friday, January 25, 2013

Fashion Friday: Neutrogena Norwegian Formula® Review and a Manicure

I'm a BzzAgent and got to try out Neutrogena Norwegian Formula® Hand Cream (and share it with others!). This time of year is perfect for this, because as a teacher (and parent) I am constantly washing my hands. that combined with the dry heat of having the furnace on made my hands so dry and chapped, they were painful.

I immediately felt relief when trying Neutrogena Norwegian Formula® Hand Cream! That's because:

  • One dab works on 7 areas of damage! 
  • It is long lasting
  • It keep manicured hands beautiful
  • You can even use on lips as needed.

I wanted to put the Manicure to the test and try out a new way that I've admired on pinterest- water marbling.

Yeah, my hands are soft but they  were a MESS. That was a fail. I've taken some advice from a friend and when I feel brave enough I'll try it again. But even after that mess, I wanted to try again because I felt like my hands looked good enough to have a manicure.

I know Crackle isn't as popular as it used to be, but I loved this pop of color! I feel like on these gray and dreary days I needed a little vibrancy.

I love how the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula® soothes my hands. I carry it with me wherever I go, even though I don't need it that often. It's really helping my hands survive this winter!

*Disclosure: I was given a free product to sample as well as sample sizes to share with friends, because I am a BzzAgent. All opinions expressed are my own. Check my disclosure policy if you have any questions.

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