Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fun Sunday: Kitchen Science

This week's Fun Sunday is what we spents a snowy day working on: Kitchen Science!

We used the kit my son got from his Aunt for Christmas:

(You can find it here on Amazon, SMARTLAB: Extreme Secret Formula Lab
 but I'm sure if you google you'd be able to find projects to do without buying a kit!)

The fun of Kitchen Science is that you test out stuff that you usually have just around the house! The kit was cool because it came with a book of instructions as well as the cool beakers and instruments. Cole was so excited that he yelled "Mom! I got SCIENCE!" when he opened it.

We picked 2 experiments to do that morning. The first was his favorite- we make glow in the dark slime! We had to have cornstarch, water, food coloring, and the glow in the dark powder from the kit.

The second experiment was to make water that smelled like bread. We used yeast, warm water, and sugar (and found that I need to replace my yeast! Yay science...)

Guess I should invest in a lab coat for future experiments :)

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