Monday, May 21, 2012

Teacher Mama- Camping Scavenger Hunt

We had the opportunity to go camping as a family this weekend and had so much fun. It was a necessary break from the "real" world and a wonderful chance to spend a lot of time together. Even though I missed my shower, we had a show-down with a raccoon, and I found out that Benadryl makes me loopy. Memories!

Camping can be pretty pricey, though it was a lot cheaper than our trip to Chicago over spring break. Renting the campsite was way less than a hotel stay, but we found that our tent was broken AFTER renting it so we had to replace that. Most of our camping gear has been accumulated over time, so after the initial investment, campsite rental, and firewood- camping can be inexpensive.

Even though it is the end of the school year, I felt bad that the kids were going to miss a day of school (even though all tests and grades are already in). I wanted them to do things that were educational as well as fun. So in addition to roughing it, I planned activities for them to do.

One of them was a Scavenger Hunt

I created it with my daughter in mind. She has been struggling with vocabulary, riddles, and reading comprehension. It's like she has a photographic memory, but struggles with communicating what's in her head. Her teachers suggested making a picture dictionary and working to broaden her knowledge of the world around her. Since she goes to many museums, zoos, parks, cities, states, etc I don't think she has limited exposure to the world, she just needs help with expressing it and putting words to the pictures in her head.

SO long story short, this scavenger hunt was made so that the kids could solve the riddles, draw a picture of the item, then color it when they find it. I linked it above in case any of you have a camping trip or want an idea of something to do.

This was really a great "downtime" activity to do when it was hot and the kids were starting to get bored. I plan to make more this summer. 

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