Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Comforts for Baby- BzzAgent Review

When I found out that BzzAgent was doing a Comforts for Baby campaign, I was SO excited. Then I realized I was excited about diapers. No regrets though, I'm still happy :) Tell me that getting this in the mail wouldn't make YOU happy?

I'm telling you, if you haven't signed up for BzzAgent.com yet, you're really missing out. Just check out my tag to see what cool products I've gotten to try for free and tell others about!

Okay, back to the diapers. I got to try Comforts for Baby diapers, wipes, and sippy cups. I have a one year old, so you better believe we put these to good use!

I am really not brand-loyal to diapers. I want something that will do the job but without costing a fortune. I don't need the diaper to have a fancy print (my baby wears clothes so it goes unseen) and sometimes the more expensive diapers seem to be less absorbent. I hadn't tried Comforts for Baby before this, but I have used many other store brands before as well as name brands.

Comparing Comforts for Baby to other brands, I think that it performs just as well. My baby's diapers didn't leak, smell bad (some brands just reek- even before the baby goes potty!), or feel rough. My baby didn't seem to notice a difference, which I think is a good thing. For the price, I think that this diaper is worth trying. I also like that it is sold at Kroger, because it can make for one less stop when I'm running errands.

I'm actually more picky about what wipes I use, more so than the diapers! I've had wipes that smell horrible, fall apart when used, feel rough, and dry out quickly. I would actually buy the Comforts for Baby wipes. I had fragrance free wipes and they didn't tear when I used them on even the more challenging diaper changes. I also didn't have to use 3-4 on a bad diaper, I didn't use more than 2 at a time. So not only are they cheaper than many name brands, using fewer means you get even more for your money!

My only complaint is with the sippy cup, though I don't think this is an issue with Comforts for Baby as much as it is with the type of cup in general. My baby prefers to drink from a straw. He learned that really early (around 6 months!) and it has just been easier (and less messy) to use the straw style sippy cups. I checked the Accessories page on the Comforts for Baby website and they do have a straw style cup that I would love to try! The cup includes a "no spill" part, but it can make drinking out of the cup more difficult. When used without the "no spill" part, it just turns into a mess because my son shakes the cup (which is probably the reason for the "no spill" part, haha!). I do like that it is easier to clean than the straw style cups.

Comforts for Baby offers a variety of products for Newborns through Toddlers and is available at Kroger (and their family of stores).

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