Monday, January 2, 2012

Private Selection® Frozen Foods- BzzAgent Review

Wrapping up my plethora of BzzCampaigns is this one for Private Selection® Frozen Foods. I first want to say that if you haven't signed up for you are really missing out. Just look back at my latest blog posts to see all the great stuff I've been able to try, and I know that I will be able to try more awesome stuff soon because every year gets better! :)

I loved the way this campaign was delivered. All I had to do was go to my local Kroger, swipe my Kroger card, and walk away with three Private Selection® Frozen Foods, for free. I got to try out an Appetizer, Entree, and Dessert. Easiest BzzKit ever.

I chose the Pepperoni Pizza with Roasted Garlic, the Southwestern Style Chicken Trumpets, and the Cream Puffs. I felt like each of these fit my family's tastes and was so excited to try them out!

My husband and I enjoyed the Southwestern Style Chicken Trumpets first while the kids were at school, and I'm glad that we did! There weren't very many in the package and I know that if I had to share them I would have been disappointed. They were really good, but I wish they had more per package.

I made the Pizza later for my family as a snack, since once again the size wasn't big enough for a meal. I was a hit, but the kids picked off the garlic. I love garlic and even I felt like it was a little much for the size of the pizza. Aside from that I really did like it. It felt more elegant than just a regular frozen pizza. I think in the future, I will serve the kids a regular frozen pizza and keep this one for the grownups.

Finally I wanted to share this BzzKit with my friends. I was invited to a party and brought a box of the Cream Puffs with me. It was really easy to serve them, just put them on a tray and let them defrost.

By the end of the night this tray was empty, so I think that speaks for itself. They were creamy and really light. I wondered how freezing would affect the texture and was pleasantly surprised. I think they would be an understated hit at any get-together.

If you want to try Private Selection® Frozen Foods, look no further than the freezer at your Kroger affiliate stores! These are great to have on hand in case company shows without notice. You can feel like you're serving something special without having to put in a lot of effort. The prices vary by product but are reasonable for something you use to entertain with.

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