Friday, June 17, 2011

Mega Swagbucks Friday + A different kind of saving

It is Mega Swagbucks Friday! If you are new to Swagbucks, I would suggest signing up asap! If you click on the Swagbucks tag you can find out even more about it and how to get the most for your effort :) Mega Swagbucks Friday means that the searches will have higher denominations! I have gotten some pretty big bucks on Fridays so I'm hoping this Friday is no different.

I have a pretty big reason to look for extra Swagbucks- I am saving up for my own birthday present. Well, kind of. I want an iPod Touch and those are not really in our budget. So, I am saving up whatever I can to help offset the cost. I decided to buy it off of Amazon since I have free 2 day shipping AND because I can save up Amazon gift cards (and when family members ask what I want, I can give that as an option). In the past month (not calendar month- the past 30 days) I have earned $15 in giftcards. Not a huge amount, but it will help! It'd be really awesome to get it down to free, but even if I don't- getting it as cheap as possible would be great.

Do you use your Swagbucks to save up for treats?

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