Monday, April 11, 2011

Crowdtap- Old Navy Fun and Flirty

If you haven't signed up for yet, you really should. It is a try and review website that matches you to "actions" that will be best for you. You get to try the products, share with your friends, then let them know what you think. The more active you are, the more points you get. You also get to earn real money through this for your participation, as if free stuff wasn't enough, and pick a charity to help while you earn.

Recently, they had an "action" for Old Navy's new spring dresses. I wasn't selected, but a friend of mine was and was nice enough to share a dress with me :)

I was a little worried, I mean a free coupon is sometimes a pain to redeem. It either isn't accepted by the register or you feel like you're being shady, when you're not.

I went in on a mission to find a really cute dress. I kept pulling the same style out over and over, until my husband pulled a dress off the rack that I would have never tried on. Guess what I ended up getting?

I ended up buying the shrug, but the dress was completely free! The coupon went through without an issue and the employee just said that it was an awesome coupon to have.

So I am sold on CrowdTap! I hope to be picked for future "actions" because they seem to be really worthwhile ones. This dress was originally $29 but the coupon was for dresses up to $39! That's a really awesome freebie. I'm so thankful that my friend shared with me. She is also a blogger and you can find out more about her DIY tips at


  1. How awesome! I hope to be so lucky sometime!

  2. Oh I love the style in the postcard. I almost bought one the other day but wasn't ready to spend money on myself.


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