Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Aldi- Wonderful Customer Service

It was Taco night in my house, which is a pretty exciting night. We love tacos. I bought a box of taco shells from Aldi, because they are cheaper and my husband raved about them before knowing they were from Aldi. I opened the box to find this:

We were so disappointed. I improvised and we had Taco Salad instead of tacos, but we weren't too happy. I ended up emailing Aldi, because I could understand a couple broken ones but this was all but 1 shell. The box wasn't dented at all, so I couldn't see how they could have been broken like that.

Less than 2 weeks later I got this in the mail. First was a letter from Aldi apologizing for the shells. It said to take the letter to Aldi and they would refund me the 99 cents for the shells and give me a new box. Then a big box came to my door and inside was a letter of apology from the manufacturer and 2 boxes of taco shells! I was blown away by this, they were even wrapped in bubble wrap and packed in packing peanuts.

The broken shells were a minor inconvenience and I had almost forgotten about them until these came. I am very impressed with their response, it was over and beyond what I would have expected over something so minor. I won't be taking the letter to Aldi, I have more than had my shells replaced already, but I will continue to shop there. I appreciate the low prices they have and I am thankful that they did not sacrifice good customer service in order to provide those low prices.

I know many times with coupons it is possible to get brand names for cheaper than generics, but for those who don't have the time or want to put the effort into couponing, Aldi is a great store that enables many to save each week.

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