Saturday, April 9, 2011

Getting Crafty

Do you consider yourself a crafty person? I think I am, to an extent, but there is so much I wish I knew how to do. Smart shopping is one way to keep in a budget, but creating something from the scraps that are around the house is just as useful. I have dreams of being so good at it that outgrown clothing is made into doll clothing or bags, that yarn is turned into a cute hat or scarf, and that I can make a gorgeous dress out of my curtains- okay maybe not that last part. I'll leave that to Scarlett.

Last night I got to have an introduction to knitting and I loved it. I think I am finally getting the hang of "casting on" but am a little stumped at the next step. Plus my baby is in the grabby stage so my practice only happens during naps. I really want to learn though, so I plan to keep at it. I have heard the crocheting is easier, but I have needles right now so I'm trying knitting first.

My next goal is to learn to use my sewing machine (if I can find all the parts that were misplaced in the move- label everything when you move). A friend made the most adorable pillowcase dresses for her daughter and her daughter's doll and now those are on my list of things to learn before my daughter outgrows matching her doll :)

I do create some fun things, even if I'm not gifted at knitting or sewing. My specialty has been felt.

These are hair clips I made for my daughter:

They were really inexpensive too. You just need felt, alligator clips, tacky glue, and embroidery floss. I cut a pattern out of cardboard, then traced it onto the felt. Then cut 2 identical shapes. Slip the top of the alligator clip between the two pieces and put a little tacky glue on to hold it, then sew the side with a blanket stitch. I have plans to make a few more clips, so I'll post a tutorial later.


What Crafty things do you do? Is there anything you want to learn?


  1. I'm trying to learn the sewing thing. I love it! I got the book sewing green and am in love with it. Talks about using old pillow cases and table cloths to make skirts, yard sale mens button shirts make great aprons and the like! I just wish I knew someone who could teach me the sewing. Sometimes having someone show you makes it click better than reading.

  2. I love the bunny! How adorable! Your hair clips look store-bought! Very nice!!

    I think the little felt animals would make good DIY "Boo-Boo Bunnies" too?!
    I'm not sure what could be put inside, maybe a small cold-pack? Or just a space to slide in an ice cube?
    If they were made on a slightly bigger scale, I think they'd be super-cute to use to make boo-boo's better!


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