Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring is finally here!

We've had freezing weather, then really hot weather, then back to freezing- now it feels like Spring is finally here. It was in the 60's and so wonderful today. The kids were able to ride their new bikes, play outside with friends, and help us clean up the leaves.

You'd think that raking leaves was a fall activity, but when you move into a home that has been vacant for over a year you have to catch up. We raked and bagged for hours- it was a big job. Now we need to buy some grass seed because what should be a lawn is now just mud. Little by little we are making this house our own. Since we bought the house in the winter, we had no idea what to expect in the spring.

I love these tulips, and we have many more in random places around the yard. I plan to dig them up and plant them in better locations. We also have a big tree in the front yard that will be removed. It is starting to rot and I really don't want to wake up to a limb on our van or through our bedroom window. Then we'll have to redo the yard in front. I'm so getting ahead of myself though.

I am trying not to be too impatient, we have done a lot in a short time, but I have dreams of ripping out wallpaper and buying coordinating furniture.We are working on a new roof, repairing the back porch, and getting rid of the hideous bathroom wallpaper.

I am also learning to be happy with what we have and making the most of it. How are you enjoying the spring weather? Do you have any big home projects coming up? How do you stay within a budget?

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