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SC Johnson Spring Cleaning BzzKit- BzzAgent Report

BzzAgent has come through again. I have to say that I loved this BzzKit! It was one of the best I have received, not just because it was free stuff, it was stuff that I could actually use and give an honest opinion about! People tend to be pretty brand loyal when it comes to cleaning supplies, so having the chance to try a product that I may not normally purchase can really make me a new customer. That happened when using this BzzKit.

This is the "before" shot of my bathroom. Cleaning it inspired me to take down my shower curtain and wash that (I moved in in January and still hadn't done that-gross!). With the shower open I could easily spray it down with Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Foam. I am pretty short (5'2") so cleaning out the shower can be difficult. I can either skip the top of it and end up with streaks or build-up, or I can reach and scrub and end up soaked in the process.

You can see the Scrubbing Bubbles at work in these pictures. I was able to reach the top of the shower without a lot of effort and as soon as you spray the foam on, you can hear it start to clean! It says to leave it on for about 3 minutes then wipe or rinse off. During this time I was able to clean the sink and counter in the bathroom and start on the toilet. I just turned on the bathwater and shower to rinse it out. I filled a cup and splashed the water on the higher parts of the shower. I was able to clean the whole bathtub without ending up soaked!

The picture doesn't do it justice, but my shower was sparkling. I was really excited that I was able to clean my shower so quickly and with so little effort. It really helps you multitask too because you can start cleaning by spraying down the shower, then clean the rest of the bathroom and end with rinsing the shower! This is also supposed to keep cleaning for up to 4 days after (as you use the shower) and I did notice that my shower didn't have the build up that usually winds up on the walls (we have very hard water here).

Once I cleaned out the toilet (one of my least favorite jobs ever), I decided to try the Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel. It was easy to put the applicator together, and you just need to push in the button on the side to apply just enough gel to the toilet. It stays in place and today is the 7th day and there is still gel on the toilet! This is one product that I am completely sold on. It doesn't just dye your toilet blue (it doesn't color the water at all), it actually cleans with every flush! My bathroom tends to get pretty smelly with 2 boys in the house, but it still smells fresh in there a week later. That is no small feat in this house!

The gel is also discreet. It took some angling to get a picture of it to post here. I remember the days when my daughter was scared to use the bathroom if it had blue water, this would be a solution for cases like that since the gel can be placed out of sight. It is also better than the cleaners that are placed in the tank because you can tell when it needs replaced without having to lift up the back of the tank, and no matter how frequently the toilet is flushed, the same amount of cleaner is used.

Pledge Lemon Shine is a product that is probably the most familiar in my BzzKit. I remember as a kid I would spray it in a room to make it smell like I cleaned. Just wiping down a couple tables and stacking papers would instantly make a room seem cleaner! I decided to try it out on my shelving in the kitchen. I put small appliances there and though I wipe around them, they can collect dust! In this picture I wiped the left side down with Pledge and left the right side untouched. You can see a difference in the sheen of the wood.

This the "after" picture. The wood looks shiny and clean and I even wiped the outsides of the appliances with my Pledge rag and they are shiny as well. Pledge is most known for its use on wood, but it can also be used on stainless steel and granite surfaces! So rather than buy many different cleaners for different surfaces, this can help you tame the collection of cleaners under your sink :) I loved how clean my kitchen smelled after using Pledge too.

The BzzKit also offered a Glade Lasting Impressions Scented Oil in Crisp Waters. I had a fan plug in that I used this in and Glade Scented Oil refills are not just for Glade Plug Ins but can also be used in Air Wick plug ins as well! I was impressed to hear this because usually once you buy the plug in you stick with that brand refills, but this gives you even more options without having to buy an entirely new kit. I decided to use this in my daughter's room because for some reason it always smells musty in there. I don't want to use candles or things that generate heat because I don't really want to leave that in her room without supervision. Even on the lowest setting I could smell this throughout my house. I left for a few hours and came back to a whole house smelling fresh- not just her room. I also liked that I could adjust the plug in so that I could fit her clock and night light in the plug as well since her room is really short on outlets. The only downside is that the smell can be a little overpowering and seems to have triggered my husband's allergies. We are going to keep it for a couple days, then remove it to see if that changes things.

Finally, I have the Glade Spring Collections candle in Sparkle of Spring. This candle does smell like spring in a jar, but is not overpowering. I loved that the label can be removed, because after doing so it looks like a candle chosen to match the decor rather than a candle used to help control odors! It is a good-sized candle as well and I plan to see if it does last the 22 hours advertised.

This SC Johnson Spring Cleaning BzzKit really gave me a jumpstart on my spring cleaning! It was gloomy outside, but I was able to feel like spring was near while using the products. I am thankful for the opportunity to try these products for free, because I discovered new products that I plan to purchase. Though I was provided the kit, the opinions expressed are completely my own.

Have you started Spring Cleaning? Check out SC Johnson's Right@Home website to find more Spring Cleaning tips and Coupons to try out the products I featured here!

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