Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Cleaning! + Kids Clothing Tips

With 70* days it feels like Spring is really starting on time! Though in Indiana the weather can change in five minutes, but I am hoping it is here to stay.

The kids have Spring Break this week and since it is going to be rainy one, I want to get organization and cleaning done (my poor kids).

I was ready to change over the wardrobes this weekend. I buy my kids' clothing in advance from friends, yard sales, or even the yard sale leftovers that friends just want out of their house. I keep a tote for my daughter and one for my son and keep off season or too big clothing in each. I have about 3 totes for my baby, and am thankful that I bought and kept so much in advance since he is wearing 9 month clothing at 6 months right now. For his clothing, I sort by size so when one size is too small I can just pull out the next tote and rotate. I have been blessed with many generous friends and many amazing deals on clothing.

We went through all the drawers and pulled out clothes that were too small or too warm. Then I had them try on the clothing kept from last year to see if anything could be used again this year. Once I sorted it all out, I put the too small stuff in one box, and put the too big/too warm stuff in the respective totes.

I finished up the cleaning by doing 6 loads of laundry. I washed all the stuff we pulled out for spring (this helps because as I get new clothing I just store it and know to wash everything when I pull it out rather than have to wash it twice), and put away more winter items that were in the dirty laundry when we went through the clothing. I have a good amount of 4T stuff to put up for my youngest to use later, a bag of 6 girls clothing to pass onto friends, and the rest of the winter stuff packed away and ready for next year.

Throughout the year I will buy clothing on clearance, if it is cheap enough or for special occasions. I have my daughter's Christmas dress for next year hanging in her closet from the after Christmas clearance. I also stretch these dresses to last 2 years if possible. I also watch Garage Sales and buy inexpensive clothing. If a friend offers to give a trash bag of clothing, I always accept. I pull out what I know we can use and then donate the rest or pass it on to another friend for their turn to go through it. I try not to keep things more than 2 sizes too big though, just to conserve storage space.

My system works well for me. I don't always know exactly what I have, but I have a general idea and know that if my kids have a sudden growth spurt that I should be able to clothe them without having to spend a lot on a new wardrobe. It also saves space in drawers and the closet to be able to store off-season clothing separate.

What is your system for seasonal clothing? Do you buy in advance?


  1. This is an awesome idea on what to do with clothing. I have a 6 month old little man and I have purchased a lot of stuff when it was on clearance or from resale shops in 2-3 sizes bigger than he is now but I have not had an idea on what do to with it or how to store it without taking up so much space! Plus I have tons of stuff that he has already grown out of just sitting around in baskets.. it is maddening! Thanks for the tips on storing!

  2. I'm glad it helped! Another thing to remember if you aren't holding onto the clothes that have been outgrown is to take the tote of "too small" clothing straight to a resale shop. You may not make as much as selling on ebay or a garage sale, but it's easier to just take it in and pick up the leftovers.

  3. I am going to clean up my son's room this week. Thanks for the tips! (Following from Bloggy Mom's)


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