Friday, March 18, 2011 Bzz Agent Review

I had the opportunity to try out through BzzAgent. This is a program that offers lectures on a variety of topics including Mathematics, Science, and more for Junior High through College level courses. I was really excited to do this because though I'm on a hiatus right now, I am an eduction student and have about one semester left before I finish my Bachelor's Degree. Having two kids through most of my higher education has made it sometimes difficult to fit in courses, homework, and lectures. I opted to take online or distance classes since I would not have to worry about finding childcare. Instead I could take the courses and finish my work as time allowed. I spent many nights working on assignments at 10pm or later since that was the time I got to myself.

This worked out well for me, but it was also more difficult at times. Some online courses had more work to give an "attendance" score. Some courses were more easily understood when an instructor went over the material. There were many times that I would open a book and have to teach myself the material because the syllabus would only go over what we were required to do rather than how to do it.

For instances like this would have been very helpful. I recently took a class that focused on statistics, and though I was a pretty good math student it was hard to really understand the terms used for statistics since I had not taken a class on that subject before. I watched a video introduction to statistics by Professor Yates and felt that had I had that information while I was taking the course, I would have had a better understanding of the material. I was able to get through that course, but retained very little but watching the video helped me apply what I was learning in the course. I think that could be a very valuable tool for the nontraditional student who may have to take independent courses in order to earn their degree. If you are unable to access a traditional classroom these videos bring the lecture to your living room.

I liked that these lectures included a slide show, personal commentary and even personal notes on the slides. It was better than the power point slides I would try to review in my courses. I could get real examples from the professor through the added instruction as well as follow along with their notes. I watched one video from start to finish while holding my 6 month old baby and was able to study and learn from it.

If you aren't in school currently, this could still be a valuable tool for you. There is a series of lectures that go over HTML. I was able to watch one about setting up a blog and take notes for my own use. For someone who may want to have an introduction for their own use, could help. If you have no interest in a degree or have trouble funding courses, rather than pay for a class through a college that can be expensive, you can teach yourself through this program.

Don't take my word for it! Give a try using code BUZZFA626 and look through the videos that may be of interest to you! Let me know what you think, I'd love to pass on the Bzz to BzzAgent.

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