Friday, May 28, 2010

The Last day of Kindergarten

Today is my daughter's last day of Kindergarten. I feel like this is more difficult than her first day. For some reason First Grade just seems so much bigger than Kindergarten, like once she steps foot into that classroom time will just fast forward. She is excited though, just like her first day.

She has grown and learned so much in just a year. Her teacher even notes that she is ready for first grade on her report card. I plan to work with her this summer so that she doesn't regress and so that she is still able to jump right in to first grade and not feel overwhelmed.

One of the first things she'll be doing this summer is writing in a journal. I have a plan spiral notebook and I plan to have her write a few times a week. She may have topics to write about or just talk about what she did that day. I think it will help with sentence structure and getting used to writing a lot, rather than tracing or having to mimic what the teacher writes.


We also have a word wall that has many of the common sight words to for her to work on. The ones that go on the wall are the ones she knows. I am also using a sight word list to help expand the list of the ones she knows. In addition to sight words, I want to help her learn more vowel digraphs and consonant blends rather than have her continue to sound out each letter separately. With all the Reading Clubs and activities happening at our local Library, we will be reading a lot together and working on reading comprehension as well as reading on her own.

I am still trying to determine how we will approach math this summer. The only thing her teacher says she needs to work on more is the concept of "one more" and "one less" so I know we will be working more with that.

She has done so well this year in both adjusting to a new school and in learning so much. I bet that on Monday morning she will ask why she can't go to school.

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