Thursday, May 27, 2010

Frugal Summer Fun- Reading Clubs

For us, Summer Vacation is a wonderful break from waking up to an alarm clock and an excuse to spend a lot of time outside! It also means that we do a lot of reading. We'll read when we come in from the heat to recharge and before bed. We make weekly trips to the library and load up on new books. Many libraries and bookstores have programs that encourage reading over the summer- so find one in your area and your child may receive a free book or prize just by reading or having you read to them.

Summer Reading Clubs:

* Check your local library. Our local library is having a Reading Club where children earn points for the number of books read (and books are worth a different amount of points depending on how long they are or what reading level they are at). The points can be redeemed for prizes and one day a week they have a presentation on interesting topics from having a Meteorologist come speak to making crafts. Since the library is such a great place to visit when on a budget anyway, these programs just make it even easier to bring back the old books and get new ones without making an extra trip and can give children motivation to get through their current books so they can get more.
* Barnes & Noble is having a Summer Reading Club as well for kids in grades 1-6. They can receive a free book from Barnes & Noble by reading 8 books over the summer. To do this, they fill out a Summer Reading Journal and bring the journal to a Barnes & Noble location when they are finished to receive a coupon for a free book.
* Borders is another bookstore that is encouraging reading through a program. Theirs is the Double Dog Dare You Reading program for kids 12 and under. They will need to fill out a form after reading 10 books and bring it in to a Borders, Waldenbooks, or Borders express store by August 26, 2010. Then they will receive a free book.
* The website is also having a Summer Reading Club. Children who read 10 books this summer (or have 10 books read to them) will receive prizes. Your child just needs to fill out the form and mail it in by October 1, 2010.
* Half Price Books is having a Feed Your Brain Program for children 14 and under. In this program a child can earn a free $3 gift card to Half Price Books each week they read (or are read to) for at least 15 minutes five days of the week. With this you can save the $3 gift cards for one special book or check the clearance section for a book under $3 to get a free book per child each week! This program runs from June 1 – July 31, 2010.

I found most of these programs here. Do you know of any Summer Reading Clubs? Share them and I can add them to the list.

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