Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Frugal Summer Fun- State Parks

If you check your State website, you may find a variety of State Parks that you can enjoy with your family. These can offer a place for you to enjoy hiking trails, watching nature, camping, fishing, swimming and more. There are also many that could be a day trip or weekend trip away for a more frugal summer vacation. One downside is that for many, the entrance fees can add up and can cause you to visit only a couple times during a season- but if you buy a yearly pass you can save a lot of money and have something to do for the entire year, not just the summer. Check this website to see if your state offers a yearly pass.

In Indiana we have the option for a yearly pass for only $36. The entrance fee for most parks on a weekday (Mon-Thurs) is $4 per car and on weekends (Fri-Sun) it is $5 per car. This can add up and if you wanted to spend the night at home but enjoy the park by day, you could easily spend $31 just to get in for a week. By buying the yearly pass you can enjoy the parks that are nearby but also drive out and explore new areas. If you use it every Saturday of summer vacation you will save $39 off the gate admission.

Our family bought one this week and have already enjoyed two different State Parks, and plan to use it many more times in the upcoming weeks.

Now is also the time to try out a nearby National Park if you have wanted to. You can get in for free at more than 100 of the National Parks on select days, more information can be found here.

What parks do you like to go to with your family? Do you have a yearly pass?

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