Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dog food, Bologna, Hot Dogs and more

Another deal I got at Kroger recently was not baby related at all!


For these deals I spent a grand total of $23.54 before tax.

I used a $2/1 Pedigree dog food coupon (found here). It is on sale 20lbs for $9.99, the coupon makes it only $7.99 for 20lbs of dog food. I wish I had more of the coupons because it is a great deal and we know we'll use it.

The same site that has the Pedigree coupons should have $1/2 Oscar Meyer hot dog and $1/2 Oscar Meyer lunch meat coupons, I had 2 of each. At Kroger, the hot dogs were $1.50 each so I got each pack for $1, the bologna (my kids' favorite) was 88 cents a package, so I ended up spending 38 cents per package!! These sales last through Wed and the coupons are still able to be printed from what I saw earlier today! So if you plan on making hot dogs this summer or your kids like bologna, it'd be worth while to get these now because they last. The extra package of hot dogs was from following Kraft on Facebook and choosing from a variety of offers. It was completely free.

I also got $1.50 off 4 Kroger frozen veggies Catalina (the coupon that prints when you check out). Since the veggies were 88 cents each I got them for 51 cents a package.

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