Monday, May 6, 2013

Menu Monday- Quick and EASY

With the week ahead of me- Quick and EASY is something I need to chant over and over again. It may not be creative. It may not be repinned at all- but it'll keep my family fed and that's really the ultimate goal of making a Menu.

I plan to make a roast (since buying 1/4 beef we have a lot to pull from) with veggies cooked in the crock pot.

I hope that this will stretch to two meals, by making Beef Stroganoff with the leftover meat and serving it over pasta. Having 2 meals with 1 night of work is really how to get an easy meal.

I also plan to make Chicken stir fry. With a rice maker, the rice cooks itself, and by putting the chicken breasts in the crock pot with teriyaki sauce, it it a really easy meal. Just add frozen veggies and call it dinner.

I think we'll also do some tacos (either beef or chicken) and beans for another meal that is also a crown pleaser.

And the round it out- the ultimate of easy meals: Spaghetti. Add in some bread and a salad and it almost feels like you tried. Almost.

Like I said, nothing fancy or fantastic, but it will feed us and that's the goal ;)

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