Saturday, April 20, 2013

Save it Saturday: Shoparoo

I love the different apps that are available for saving money, but this one really makes me happy because it benefits my child's school- without having to clip special labels or buy over-priced fundraiser items. I feel like it is a win/win because all I need to do to help their school is to shop as I normally would- and take a picture.

Using Shoparoo, you just take a picture of your receipt after shopping at certain types of stores. These stores include Supercenters, grocery, club, pet, dollar stores, convenience and drug stores. You submit that picture, and you're ready to roll. They will process it and based on your dollar amount and how often you submit pictures, your school is awarded points they can turn in for cash.

You also get to refer friends (even if they support a different school!) for points. The links above are my referral links (so that my kids get a  little boost for their school), but you are able to join and support your own school.

Like I said. Win/win ;)

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