Monday, April 1, 2013

30-Day House Cleaning Challenge: Day 1

I am participating in the 30-Day House Cleaning Challenge on Money Saving Mom, and even though I worked today (getting up after a week off was TOUGH), took the kids to the dentist (Yay! No Cavities!), and had a Girl Scout leader Meeting + Cub Scout Pack Meeting- I didn't want to miss the challenge for Day 1.

This was to surface clean the Living Room and Kitchen.


It isn't perfect and I enlisted help. I took care of the dishes in the kitchen (our counter tops are still in the "do not use" period so that surface was easy to clean off ;)

I had the kids vacuum after I picked up the room. 

I think the last thing I wanted to do when I walked in the door at almost 8pm was clean, but I know that it will help the busy week to come be easier! Once I get back into a cleaning routine, it should take no time to pick up the house. :) 

Are you Spring Cleaning? Did you join the challenge? 

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