Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thankful Thursday #7

With so many complaints about the internet, social networking, etc I have to say that this Thursday I'm thankful for it all. I love having instant access to information, I love the resources I am able to access, I love being able to find support and connect with friends.

I also love the internet for a couple personal reasons. One is that I met my husband online. Had we not instant messaged back in high school we would not be together today (and I wouldn't have my 3 amazing kiddos). I moved from CA to IN to be with him, so I know without the internet my life would be very different!

Using Myspace (remember that?) I found my siblings. We were apart for many years and had no idea how to connect again, and my younger sister and I thought we'd try to look for them on a whim. We had no idea how successful we would be! I'm thankful every day that I have them back.

The friends I mentioned last week are all because of the internet as well! We've met through mom's groups and Facebook and had I not been connected to those, I wouldn't have met them.

So I do think the internet has it's flaws, that people are capable of saying horrific and terrible things, and that it can interfere with real life- but I am thankful for the internet. I feel that the good it has brought my life outweighs any bad.

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