Saturday, February 16, 2013

Save it Saturday: Yard Sale Boxes

One of the biggest selling points of the house we bought was how much storage space we have. If only I could get organized to get the most out of it!

(there's no way to make boxes in your basement glamorous)

I do have a few things going though. I mentioned in Fashion Friday about my yard sale boxes, though the items I used were not that successful. They have been worthwhile overall though! When the kids outgrow clothing that can still be used, I price it and put it in the box. I've tried to keep baby/kid/adult separated in totes because it makes it easier to set up and tear down a sale.

I started doing this after my sister-in-law started having a few yardsales a season. She would mention it but I wouldn't have the time to really put everything together. This way, even if it is only a few totes, I have stuff ready to go and can take advantage of the times she does (and it helps her sale to have more items to draw people in).

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