Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Troop Tuesday: Going Green

For Troop Tuesday, I wanted to talk about the things we did to work on a badge dedicated to Going Green.  We had different areas to cover to earn the badge, but I liked that what we did was applicable even if you aren't a scout.

We planted seeds in a recycled pot made out of a toilet paper roll. These are great for veggie starts because you can plant them directly in the dirt when planting your garden!

We also made signs for our bathrooms to conserve water. Leaving the faucet on while brushing your teeth is a way to waste water (and money!), so their signs will hopefully be a good reminder to everyone in the house.

They brainstormed different ways to save energy in their homes and took those plans home to their parents.

They also got to make laundry soap. This was the most popular activity!

You need:
Washing Powder
Fels Naptha Soap
A grater
A container to store it in

The easy steps:
Grate the Soap
Mix in 1 cup of Borax
Mix in 1 cup of Washing Powder
Mix together and use 2 tbs when washing.

Simple but lots of fun for our troop.

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