Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Troop Tuesday: Cookie Kick Off

We have a pretty big troop (50 girls) so even our meetings can be a little chaotic- but this weekend I participated in a Cookie Kick Off sleepover for all the troops in our county!

It was part of a national sleepover event and got us all geared up to sell cookies. I love spending time with the girls (and my own girl) in our troop, but love seeing the girls from the other troops too. It's great to see so many learning and working together. Though I really needed the coffee I got when I got home, sleep isn't really part of a sleepover lol.

It was the Cookie Kick Off and we are trying to sell cookies for our troop. With such a big troop with a variety of incomes this really funds the events we get to participate for the year. My little Girl Scout is working her hardest on selling to meet her goal (2000 boxes, this may be a lesson on setting more realistic goals!).

Look out for Cookie Booths and consider supporting the troops in your area!

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