Saturday, January 26, 2013

Save it Saturday: My Points

If you are a BzzAgent, you probably have a MyPoints account already. If not, I recommend signing up!

With BzzAgent you earn MyPoints when you take surveys, submit Bzz, and more, but it's something you can use even if you aren't a BzzAgent (though I recommend doing that too ;) ).

I get daily emails from MyPoints. It can be overwhelming if you don't check your email daily, but most have links to click to earn 5 points. I can earn 20+ points a day just from those emails with no other action needed. If you want to put more into it, you can take surveys, use their toolbar, and buy giftcards to earn points back.

I've earned a lifetime of 13,000 points which can translate to about $75 in Amazon giftcards just for clicking links in emails (and being a BzzAgent). It's not going to make you rich, but every little bit helps support our family of 5 (and things like this are great for splurging without hurting the budget).

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