Saturday, January 5, 2013

Save it Saturday- Endorse

One of the best ways to save money, is to earn it back on things you'd buy anyway. That's what Endorse does. It is an app that you download to your smartphone, and upload pictures of your receipts to after you're done shopping. New offers are available on Thursdays and you have 6 days from when you make a purchase to upload your receipt (though I do it the day of since it is just easier that way for me).

I was able to try Endorse as a BzzAgent, but have kept using it since the campaign ended. I haven't earned a lot back, but everything I have earned has been on products I was going to buy already- so to me it is worthwhile to use it. Every little bit I save (or earn back) helps! The link above is my referral link, if you refer people you earn $1 if they download the app, so once you've tried it you can refer friends and earn even more :)


  1. I tried endorse and couldn't get it to take my receipt. With no reward, I forgot about it.

    1. I've had it error out before, but most of my receipts lately have gone through with no problem. I've earned 5 points per receipt and more when I have offers to claim. :)


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