Saturday, January 19, 2013

Save it Saturday: Aldi

One thing I mentioned in my Menu Monday post is that I do a lot of my shopping at Aldi.

Shopping at Aldi is a bit different than a typical grocery store:

  • They are smaller and most products are the Aldi brand. 
  • You use a quarter to get your cart, and bring it back to get it back. 
  • You bring your own bags (or buy at the counter)
  • You bag your own groceries
  • You can only pay with cash, debit and EBT cards.
These things are really not that much of an inconvenience (and you saw how much I bought!). I pack up my bags, make sure I have a quarter in my pocket, and I get to bag things in a way that makes sense to me rather than hope the bagger doesn't put my bread with the 2 liters.

If you are a stickler to brands or need to use coupons, you may not find it to be as great as I do. I don't have the time to shop sales and coupons (or, I don't want to make the time to do so), and I am not picky about brands. I've tried a variety of the Aldi products and have only had an issue once.

I bought a box of taco shells and every single one was broken. I emailed the company, made nachos rather than tacos, and called it a day. Because of The Double Guarantee, I was sent a replacement product and could have gotten my money back. They are so sure you'll like their products that they will replace it if not. 

A friend recently tried it and found she saved $100 just by shopping at Aldi. It isn't for everyone, and sometimes the deals are better than others, but it fits our lifestyle and has saved us money in the process :) 


  1. Over this entire month, our grocery bill using Aldi has been over $400 cheaper than using comparable generics at Kroger. It has converted me and I actually love the bagging too! I get about 70-90% of my groceries there depending on the week.

  2. Does it matter what day of the week you shop? Do they stock their shelves any certain time or day of the week?

    1. We generally shop on Wednesdays or Thursdays because of our midweek payday, so I'm not sure of their stocking schedule.

  3. I love our Aldi here in southern VA. :) Honestly, I truly like the taste of Aldi brand better than I do most other name brands. :) for my family of 5 we save so much money by shopping there.

    1. I'm glad to hear that I'm not alone! I just love the time and money saved by shopping there :)


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