Friday, January 18, 2013

Fashion Friday: Create a New Look

I struggled with this Fashion Friday (wow 2 weeks in...) and I think I figured out why. I'm in a rut. My hair is long enough that unless it's in a ponytail, it's really not looking great (and even in a ponytail it's not so hot). If I straighten it, it curls back quickly, and if I let it go curly, it's at the "mushroom" stage where it just wants to poof. 

So I'm making a hair appointment AND I wanted to inspire myself to think outside the box. It's easy to get into the same clothing routines, and by doing so you feel like you have nothing to wear. So I wanted to show how even with wearing pretty much the same thing, that you can get different looks depending on the accessories.

This happened when I was asking friends for opinions on which way to wear this shirt. I didn't know if I should just have it as is, with a belt, or as a long shirt with a belt. The funny thing is that I got votes for each style! So to me, this just shows that clothing is a lot more versatile than I thought it was. Rather than just pick one look for this outfit, all three have potential and make more options with the same clothes.

Another way I've changed the look is by changing footwear (and adding some accessories). The first look I wore in the summer to a production of Wicked. I picked ruby red shoes and thought the emerald green fit the theme well. 

Changing the footwear to copper boots make the dress look less Emerald City and more Cowgirl Chic. I think adding a well-fitted denim jacket would have made it look even better. 

Then, by adding leggings, knee-length boots, and a sweater I was able to wear this dress in the winter as well (without frostbite). 

There is one thing that doesn't change as my style does, and that's my signature pose. I've had that patented since I was a baby ;) 

I'd love to see how you've made the most out of your wardrobe, share any posts or pictures in the comments. I need more inspiration :) 


  1. I think I am in that same rut as you! However, I did make an extreme hairstyle change this past week. I cut 11 inches off my ultra-long hair, then had it layered with lots of layers. I love the new me already! And really, my hair is stil long.

    1. Wow that was a drastic change! I feel like I want to chop all of mine off :) I bet your hair looks great, and a great cut can be the perfect accessory!


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