Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bathroom Organization

I had the great idea to reorganize my bathroom closet. It was a complete mess, pretty much anything bath related was just put in there with no thought to where it should go.

Why is it that this job sounded so much better before I started? Ugh, reorganizing meant I had to take everything OUT then put it back in. I found that we have a supply of toothbrushes and that my husband won't need deodorant for awhile.

The end result is good though. I put baskets to use in reorganizing it. I have a basket for freebies (all the trial sized stuff that I get), perfume, lotions, and haircare products. I used an old wipes container for toothpaste (so it will quit leaking on my stuff!), an old facial wipes container for my bath salts (a dear friend makes them and spoils me), and a shoebox tote for sunscreen. I also have a bigger plastic tote for my hair dryer, curling iron, hair straightener, etc.

Though really this is the easy part of organization. The tougher part will be sticking with it :)


  1. Our front bathroom needs some major reorganizing. Of course we call it my daughter's bathroom and it's her junk all over the place.

    1. We only have one, for now, but I'm sure that once we put one upstairs it'll be a constant battle to keep it looking good!


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