Friday, December 28, 2012

Diaper Box: Revamped!

I can't claim to have thought of this idea. I've seen many all over Pinterest. There are a lot of options for a diaper box. You can glue paper all over it, paint it, glue fabric on it, sew liners, etc. Really if you look you'll probably find a way to revamp it to suit your needs.

That's what I did with this. I don't possess sewing skills outside a basic blanket stitch, so sewing was out.

I don't have a lot of fabric on hand (reason: I can't sew), so even gluing it all over a box was out.

The only wrapping paper I have on hand right now is Christmas, so that was out.

I did have leftover paint from when my husband painted my workspace, scrap fabric from recovering chairs years and years (and years) ago, a glue gun, and an idea.

Start with a diaper (or other) box. Cut the flaps off the top of the box (and out of the handle if your box has them).

Start painting. I painted all over the outside (even the bottom) of the box.

Since the box is glossy, you really need to let the coats dry to cover as much of the print as you can. So add a coat, go read for a bit, then come back and add another.

Once the box is dry, measure your fabric against it. I made mine about 3 inches wide and the length of the box (2 shorter, 2 longer).

Glue a hem for the fabric (reason: I can't sew). I glued a hem by gluing a little bit, folding the fabric over, then continuing. If you can sew, sewing a hem would work too.

I wanted it to stand out a bit more, even after adding the fabric. I cut these freehand (really? can't tell!) and glued them onto the box.

I decided to paint a label for the box I also did these freehand. I know. I thought so too.

Then you have some boxes re-purposed for your needs :) I plan to do at least one more for these shelves, or if my 2 year old's potty training goes the way it has been: for every shelf in the house. It's a long battle.


  1. I love it Val!! I don't have enough fabric to do mine the way I wanted (I wanted to do camo fabric on the entire box) but I'm sure I'll come up with something!! ;)

    1. If you have green paint you could just cover the top with the camo! :)

  2. Great idea! I love seeing people turn something so boring into something really cool! They turned out great!

    1. Me too! I wanted to organize but it can get expensive buying baskets and bins for every room. This was a compromise and I like that I can customize it :)

  3. Looks awesome! I found SUPER cheap fabric at Walmart and could use one in every room =)

    1. I love watching the scrap fabric at Walmart, I may need to make a few for the kids' room! Thanks for the reminder :)


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