Saturday, October 13, 2012

Clear the Clutter: works in progress

Remember some of those problem areas I posted about? I spent the day trying to figure out solutions that would keep the clutter away, but I know a day is not enough time to see if something works. So a few weeks later and here's what I've found.

1. Shoes. This will still be a battle. With 5 people in the house, we have a Lot of shoes. Once it cools off I'll pack up the flip flops, so that will help. I went through the shoes and tossed all the old ones (I did leave some for a camping trip, I didn't want to ruin their school shoes). Now if only people would put their shoes BACK.

2. Counter space! Who knew that was there. I have a plan for the pencils/pens. Just you wait ;)

3. Basket of doom. Anything that belongs upstairs goes in the basket. It has to be emptied nightly. Anything left, is gone. Sorry Woody- I don't make the rules. Oh wait! I do.

The more I sort through "problem areas" the more I find. Can your whole house be a "problem area?"

I'm in this for the long haul. Thank you for all your suggestions and for letting me know that I am not alone!

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