Saturday, April 14, 2012

Crowd Tap- Old Navy Bottoms Bonanza!

If I haven't convinced you to join CrowdTap yet- maybe this will?

I got to go shopping with 3 friends for FREE Old Navy Bottoms! What is a "bottom?" you ask? Well, for this event we got to choose one pair of shorts, pants, or capris and 1 pair of shoes to start the Spring off right.

It was so much fun shopping for clothes with friends. We could bounce ideas off each other, give honest feedback, and just hang out. I had an idea of what shoes I wanted to get before I went there because I checked out Old Navy's website before going in, but even without the research I would have been drawn to these Starfish Sandals (seriously, how cute are they?).

I met my friends at Old Navy to start shopping and as soon as we got started we had employees offering assistance. They were so friendly and made the shopping experience even more fun because they would talk and joke with us as we shopped. Sometimes when you use a discount, employees can treat you differently but that wasn't the case at Old Navy. With 4 women shopping it can get hectic, and they were wonderful at offering solutions for out of stock items and checking for additional sizes in back. It made me want to go back to Old Navy and shop more because I felt like a valued customer there. It made having fun with my friends even better. My only complaint would be that they were out of sizes for some of the styles, which made it more difficult to find the perfect look. I understand why though, they were cute! :)

I ended up going with the sandals I fell in love with and some Low-Rise Denim Boyfriend Shorts. I feel so ready for summer!

*Disclaimer: I am a Member of Crowdtap and the Old Navy Style Council. I got to sample items for free, but all opinions expressed are my own.

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