Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Maybelline Baby Lips & Lots of Lashes- BzzAgent Review

Like I said yesterday, I love being a BzzAgent! Just by signing up for I have been able to try many products and nothing is better than free! Yesterday was cookies- today is makeup!

Makeup is one of my favorite things to sample. There are so many different products and so many new products coming out so with the endless options I feel a bit overwhelmed at the store. I also tend to want to keep my makeup within our budget, so the opportunity to sample products really helps me find out if I want to invest in them or if I can move on to try something else. Through BzzAgent I got to sample Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm and Lots of Lashes mascara

Let me first talk about this BzzKit:

Isn't it amazing? I was so impressed with how many samples I got to try out but rather than keep them all to myself (though that was so tempting!) I handed them out friends (though I did keep one set for me, I'm only human).

I already love the Maybelline brand and Lots of Lashes mascara is a staple in my vanity, but this one has a new wand that is supposed to reach the inner and outer corners of the eye without leaving clumps. It is only $6.40, which really is a good price for a mascara that performs well. Take a look at it in action (ignore the dork in the pictures!):

I thought the mascara defined my lashes really well. It also lengthened them and I had no issues with clumps or spidery looking lashes. My only complaint was that my lashes felt thin. That is more of a complaint about my own lashes, but I really love mascaras that add volume. If you wanted a mascara that provides a dramatic look, this isn't it. With that said, it is perfect for every day use. You enhance what you already have.

The Baby Lips lip balm was something I was excited to try out since I seem to have a lip balm addiction. I know I have mentioned that before! Unlike other lip balms, Baby Lips works to renew lips to their natural condition in four weeks. It can be tinted or not and there are a variety of flavors from Peppermint to Peach Kiss. Since it has SPF 20 it helps protect from UVA/UVB rays, which is always a bonus! You can have a light color and protection in one. It retails for $3.99 so it'd be a perfect stocking stuffer.

I sampled the Peach Kiss variety and loved the flavor and tint. It was just enough to enhance my lips without the feeling that I was wearing lipstick. I felt the need to reapply more often than I would like, but my lips do feel softer and I was happy with the product. I think there are times when I would need a more medicated lip treatment (like during the winter), but would add it into my rotation.

Both products provided a more natural look, which was perfect for one of my friends. She doesn't like to feel overdone so these were right up her alley! I was happy to be able to share some of the products with friends to see how they liked it.

For the holiday season, these could make wonderful stocking stuffers. I just put the packages of mascara and lip balm back to back, added some tulle through the holes in the package, and tied it in a bow. If you used red or green they could be more festive (I'd suggest giving the Peppermint!). If you have a small gift exchange with friends these could be the gift you could bring and you'd only spend around $10.

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