Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Fun- Cookie Exchanges.

The Holidays can be magical. Children listen for the sound of reindeer on the roof, decorations transform ordinary rooms, and a dusting of snow can turn a yard into a winter wonderland. I discovered a little magic of my own today. I turned a tray of one type of cookies into a tray with EIGHT different types.

Of course I had a little help from my friends :) A Mom's group that I'm a part of had their annual cookie exchange today. A cookie exchange is where you bring 3-4 dozen of your favorite cookies on a tray. Each person brings a batch of cookies and then you leave with a tray full of all the different types. The trays are perfect for entertaining (if you have more will power than I do!) and it breaks up the monotony of one batch of cookies without spending hours in the kitchen.

At first it was pretty comical. Cookies were dropped, burned, oddly shaped, and forgotten. It almost felt like the "ugly sweater" equivalent for cookies, here are a couple of the casualties:

In the end we had a wonderful spread! I loved trying new recipes and it gave us the chance to socialize and spend some time relaxing before the chaos of the holidays began.

Do you attend a cookie exchange this time of year? What is your favorite holiday treat?

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