Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lack of Sleep Saga Continues

Ever have one of those mornings that just fall apart? Mine started last night.

I could barely fall asleep, I'm not sure why, but I knew that my husband was going to have to get up early so I wanted to try to sleep since I know that he's usually not the quietest person. We usually have opposite shifts, but today was going to be different.

Finally I fall asleep, but at 3:45am his alarm goes off. Of course I wake up, and then of course the baby wakes up. I try to convince him to go back to sleep but once he sees Daddy it's all overwith.

So now it's 2:30pm and I feel like it should be bed time. I haven't even made dinner, cleaned up the house, or helped the kids with homework. The baby who had to be up is taking his second nap, in my lap.

But even in my zombie daze, I'm excited for new opportunities that I've been given. I also am thankful that I got to have a lazy day, even if it was somewhat forced. I just hope all the caffeine that I've consumed doesn't backfire and make it impossible to sleep tonight.

How do you manage when you get no sleep? Coffee? Soda? Naps? Comment and let me know :)

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